Zoom.us is the platform used for online help sessions.  
Go to zoom.us and choose join a meeting.  Enter the meeting ID you were given.  When you have the option choose join with computer audio.  
Using video is entirely up to you!  
When you join the zoom meeting you will find me online waiting for you. The online help session works just as if you had walked into my office.  When you enter the meeting I'll greet you and ask  if you have specific questions or are hanging out on zoom while you work on your math.  If you have questions we will get to work on answering those using the zoom whiteboard.  
You can ask very specific questions like "where is my mistake in this problem?"  to general questions like "I really don't get chapter 3 section 2, could you help me get started?"  
I will rotate between the people in the help session--that gives you time to put to use the concept we talked about and see if you have more questions.  If I am helping someone else when you join the meeting please post your question in the meeting chat.
You will only be able to write on the whiteboard if you are using the downloaded version of zoom.  Usually this will be what automatically launches.  If you are using a netbook rather than a computer only the browser version will be available.  In that case you will not have access writing on the whiteboard yourself.  In that case when we are working together online I will scribe for you as we work through the problem.
6th grade,
Pre-algebra (includes both 7th and 8th grade in one course)
Algebra 1
Algebra 2 with Trig (also serves as a pre-calculus class)
Mathematics Grade 6, published by Holt McDougal ISBN  978-0-547-64716-6

Pre-Algebra by Larson, published by Holt McDougal ISBN-13: 978-0547587776

Algebra 1 by Paul A. Foerster, Classics edition (ISBN-13: 978-0131657083
ISBN-10: 0131657089)
Geometry by Jurgensen, Brown and Jurgensen (ISBN-10: 0395977274
ISBN-13: 978-0395977279)
Algebra and Trigonometry by Paul A. Foerster, Classics edition (ISBN-13: 978-0131657106
ISBN-10: 0131657100)
Each assignment will have comments directly on the assignment to help you learn from any mistakes you have made.  
In order to see the comments on a returned assignment you will need to open the image in a new window.  To do this click on the dots in upper right corner and choose open in a new window.
Yes.  Each homework problem turned in is worth 4 points.  I will award 3 point if there is a minor mistake in the problem, 2 points if there is a conceptual error or part of the answer is missing, 1 point if the problem is started and heading in the right direction.  The more work you show the more I am able to help you learn from your mistakes.
Yes!  The goal is to learn math and fixing your mistakes is an important part of learning.  I am happy to regrade assignments or tests.  Please add a private comment on any assignment you redo--otherwise I don't know that you have redone the assignment.
My goal is to have every assignment back to you within 2 business days.  If I haven't graded something within 2 days please comment on the assignment and I will get to it as soon as possible.
Each week I will copy the grades from Google classroom into a Google Sheet that will be shared with you.  You will be able to track the student's overall progress as well as compare the change from previous weeks to monitor which assignments were turned in.
The student takes a photo of his or her work and turns in the photo on google classroom.
The due dates in Google classroom are there to help you finish the course at the pace you have determined is right for you.  Whether you turn in an assignment early, late or on time doesn't affect how I grade or give feedback for the assignment.
Go ahead and take the chapter test!  I will grade it and let you know whether you have a solid understanding of the material or could use some review.
Go ahead and start the next course!  There are no additional costs.  
That's entirely up to you!  In a typical group class setting the grades are adjusted in various ways, for example: dropping lowest homework scores, curving test scores, or giving extra credit.  The score on Google classroom is a raw score.  You are free to adjust the score in a way that you feel best meets your grading objectives.   
Yes!  We can correspond by email, set up a phone meeting or meet on zoom.  
Yes!  Send me an email (kathy@kathywarmantutoring.com) and I can help you decide the best starting place for your student.
Choose the option for which you want to enroll.  When you click the enrollment button you will be taken to a google form.  Please fill out this information. You will receive a confirmation of enrollment within a week.  About a week before the semester starts you will receive an email with the details needed for your course.  
Paypal invoices will be sent out a week before the semester starts due two weeks after the semester start date.  Try out the class and online help session for those two weeks.  If you decide this is not a good fit for your student then simply do not pay the invoice.  
Please send me a email at kathy@kathywarmantutoring.com